General Info / FAQ

Since we have been getting this question more and more often: No we are not in China, We are located in the State of  New York.

3D Printing Info:

  • All parts are currently being produced on a modified Rostock v2/v3
  • Specs: 0.4mm nozzle @ 0.2mm resolution
  • Unless otherwise noted all parts are printed in ABS.
  • This is the same material that most blasters are made of.
  • 3D printing is performed by layering melted plastic slices, and as such these layers are often visible. Close up Example.
  • This is common amongst 3D prints and not a design or production flaw. If a smoother surface is needed parts can be lightly sanded.
  • We check all prints for breaks or defects. Small cracks or breaks may occur from heavy use, these can be easily repaired with super-glue.
  • We do not keep a stock of 3D printed parts, all parts are made to order. As such we may have a small lead time on their production, which is listed on the product page.


  • We are officially licensed to produce, sell, and distribute Slydev’s parts within the USA.
  • We are officially licensed to produce, sell and distribute the BlackSteelProps Proto Cage.
  • We are officially licensed to produce, sell and distribute FoamBlast’s parts.

Orders And Shipping Info

  • Our ordering system should now be supporting shipping to all countries.  Know your local import laws, we are not responsible if customs seizes your package.
  • Please note that international shipping is often extremely expensive.
  • You may find our Partners: SlyDev or Blasterparts rates more reasonable for their respective regions.
  • We are not responsible for any customs fees or import taxes you may incur.
  • We currently ship all orders via USPS. Options for Priority Flat Rate, as well as smaller orders being able to be sent by First Class Mail.
  • Please Note: First Class mail is not Insured. We highly recommend use of Priority Mail.
  • We have upgraded to a semi-automated shipping system and ship orders out from our local post office typically three times a week.  Most orders will ship within a day or two.
  • We do not typically ship on weekends.
  • Orders with 3D printed items are subject to our production lead time and will ship as soon as possible. This production delay will be listed on the product page for all 3D printed parts.
  • All orders are shipped with tracking numbers. Tracking e-mails should be sent automatically as soon as the carrier has scanned the package in.
  • You do not need to make an account to place orders, it will only save your shipping and contact info as well as allow you to keep an order history.
  • Refund and Return Information.


  • We are currently only accepting payment through PayPal.
  • Our site does not store any credit information, this is all handled securely through Paypal.
  • As per State Law, we are required to collect sales tax on all orders within New York State.

Website Issues

  • We check things as often as possible to ensure we are up and running, but occasionally there are problems.
  • Major issue will be listed on a banner at the top of the site, as well as on our Facebook Account.
  • Minor display issue that do not harm the website’s functionality may occur from time to time, this is normally something we are aware of and are working to fix.
  • Paypal issues are commonly on Paypal’s end, unless the error notes an issue with the sellers account.
  • Should you receive such an error, please contact support, including the full error message.
  • We test this site for display issues with Chrome and Firefox on Windows7/10 and the current Ubuntu LTS, as well as on Chrome and the built in Browser on Android.
  • We unfortunately have limited access to iOS devices, and cannot always test all changes for iOS devices.